Monday, May 13, 2013

The Divas Are Back in Town

"Spread the word around. Guess who's back in town. You spread the word around."
Divas are back in town. Divas are back in town. We're back in town.
(Apologies to Thin Lizzie.........) Yes, it has been a LONG hiatus. But we're back! And like an oldies group, we are the same, but different. New Divas have joined as original Divas have moved on. Nancy M has relocated and has moved too far away to join us for Diva Dinners. And Linda W spends much of her time with her new grandson and can't join us on a moment's notice, either. We miss them and their incisive commentary, but most of all, we miss their camaraderie. What fun we had together! But Nanzie S and I have recruited another foodie Diva, who will introduce herself shortly. In the meantime, let me just give you a few comments about our first dinner together, at Krazy Kat's Restaurant in Greenville, DE, at the Inn at Montchanin Village. Let this serve as an "amuse bouche" for our upcoming first full review.... If you have never been to Krazy Kat's, you owe it to yourself to go there. It is in a lovely setting and the atmosphere and decoration (portraits of cats, and some dogs, in military attire) are not to be missed. On top of that, the food is excellent. I also was fortunate enough to be in possession of a coupon entitling us to a 20% discount on our meals. We started with cocktails, followed by excellent salads and then enjoyed our entrees: duck; lamb chops; and rockfish. Each was delicious. Krazy Kat's offers 1/2 portions of all of its entrees, which is what we chose. The 1/2 portion was quite generous and left us with room to try an unusual dessert: Bacon Pound Cake. Interesting and smoky, we enjoyed it, but it was definitely a "one off" experience. We had also ordered creme brulee, which happens to be a favorite of mine. Yummy! And, an added surprise, our server had heard the Divas toasting my birthday, so the creme brulee was a birthday comp. This on top of our already received 20% food discount! Speaking of our server Barb: kudos to her! She was friendly, helpful, professional and definitely knowledgeable. Well, now that we are back, be sure to watch for our upcoming reviews....