Sunday, September 20, 2009

Dinner at Pinang Malaysian Restaurant

On Wednesday, September 16, we four had a fun evening and tasty dinner at Pinang, located in the Shoppes at Louviers on Papermill Road, Newark.  (

First impression on entering the restaurant was that it is an attractive room with well spaced tables. D├ęcor is sleek and understated. None of the kitsch one so often sees in Eastern/Oriental restaurants. Music played unobtrusively in the background. Since it was a weeknight, the restaurant was not full, so we couldn’t really judge the acoustics but there were a fair numbers of diners there and we didn’t notice any excessive noise – especially since we were making plenty of it ourselves!

Service was attentive without being pushy and we were certainly not rushed. Our server was quite patient with the indecisiveness of four newbies to Malay cuisine. We had checked out the menu online before heading out; good thing, because it goes on and on and on. Plus there were specials listed on a blackboard by the door to throw another wrench in our decisions. Although Pinang offers Pan-Asian choices, we wanted to keep our selections as strictly Malaysian as possible. Here are our choices and our opinions:

Mussels in a soup flavored with curry and coconut: This was a special that night. The mussels were the large New Zealand green mussels—really too big to eat in one bite. We all found the mussels to be overcooked and dry, but couldn’t stop slurping up the delicious broth.

Roti Canai: Delicious!! These pancakes served with a potato-curry-chicken dipping sauce were a hit with all of us. The pancakes were tender and not at all greasy; the sauce so good you were sorry when it was gone.

Baby Oyster Omelette: No skimping on the oysters here. It was generally liked and the sauce served with it was a great complement. But none of us liked this dish as much as we did the Roti Canai.

Beef Rendang: A traditional beef preparation, slow cooked with spices, lemongrass and coconut milk, and served with a garnish of sliced cucumbers. It got mixed reviews. Some felt the beef was a bit dry and stringy; others enjoyed the combination of textures and flavor.

Malaysian Buddhist: We felt righteous: we ate our veggies and healthy protein with this dish of mixed vegetables and bean curd. But it lacked “Wow” and was pretty uniformly the overall least enjoyed dish. Not offensive – just boring.

Green Nasi Lemak: Hands down, the favorite dish of the evening. Coconut fried rice with shrimp, eggs, veggies and a ginger sauce. We left a clean plate!

The kitchen will adjust the spice levels of all menu items based on your desires, so do not fear all the dishes listed as “hot and spicy”. Drinks include beer, wine by the glass and Malaysian iced tea and iced coffee. Most menu options are quite reasonably priced.

Bottom line: we look forward to going back to Pinang. There’s so much more to try!

De Divas

Friday, September 18, 2009

Pinang Malaysian Restaurant

Well, we had our first "bloggers' dinner" on Wednesday evening at Pinang, which is in the Shoppes at Louviers on Paper Mill Road.  We are still putting the finishing touches on our comments, but it was generally a "thumbs up" evening.  More to come.....

De Divas

Monday, September 14, 2009


Hello fellow Divas, I'm looking forward to meeting and eating together this Wednesday to jump start the new blog- Delaware Dining Divas, and hear all about your various adventures since last we met--- Oh and enjoy some exotic and excellent food too.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

The second Diva says hello: Still learning too

I'm one of four dining divas who intend to enjoy good food and comraderie together and post our impressions of various restaurants, and perhaps movies, performances and other cultural attractions etc. Recently 3 of us visited the Barnes Foundation. This is well worth the trip. I believe that the Barnes is still planning to relocate to downtown Philly.  Try to visit it before that happens.
We are just learning how to blog, and still defining our mission.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Still learning about blogging -- and planning our first review

We are still getting up to speed on how to manage a blog, especially with four bloggers! But we will prevail....

Next Wednesday, 9/16, we are going to our next dinner and will be posting our first review soon after. Keep your fingers crossed, both that we like the restaurant and that we get the blog post done quickly.

De Divas

Monday, September 7, 2009

Our new blog about dining experiences in Delaware

Welcome to our blog about dining in Delaware (and environs).

We are four women who enjoy each other's company and enjoy good meals -- especially when those meals are made by someone else and none of us has to do any clean up! We all love to cook and try new things, at home and at restaurants.

Our plan is to dine out together once a month, trying different restaurants and different dishes each time. We will evaluate the restaurants, their ambience, and their food and wine offerings. We will be honest without being caustic. We are not food professionals, just women who love good food -- and good service.

You may agree with our opinions, or think they are totally off the wall. Viva la difference.